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Multimedia Work
Visible Motin Portfolio
+ Visible Motion Production Team creates memorable multimedia projects such as TV Ads, Online Videos, Viral Videos, Flash Movies, HTML5 Videos, 3D Movies, Animations, and Other Rich Media Content.

+ A multimedia project we produce is prepared for the medium which is intended for, but we also execute it for multiple platforms and media (HD, TV, web, viral videos, and presentations). We use chroma green screen in videos and video interviews when needed in order to advance client's multimedia presentation.

+ We are constantly thinking of an original innovative concept best suited for client's overall branding message in order to pleasantly surprise and "wow" their users.

+ Below, we included screenshots of our multimedia work. For an extended look at our versatile portfolio, visit our workshop "The Atelier", a Full Force VM in Flash Mode. "We will open the gate for you".
Rich Media Studios
Visible Motion Work Sample
Project Summary
Animated and 3D Work Design
//: Animated Series, 3D Promo Movie
//: HD Video, Flash Movie
Note: Enrich user experience with animated and 3D promotional movies with voiceovers, sounds and special effects. Integrate intuitive animated concept and streaming media.
VM Multimedia Agency
Visible Motion Art Piece
Visible Motion Project Report
3D Phone Features
//: Web, Mobile, Interactive Application
//: 3D Design, Mini Digi Art, Application Development
Concept: Design intuitive user interface for next generation media and mobile devices with 3D graphics, mobile iconography, structured layout and responsive environment.
VM Multimedia Agency
Visible Motion Art Piece
Visible Motin Project Report
Real Estate Website with Features
//: Web, Mobile, Multimedia
//: Real Estate Platform
Features: Website (RWD with real time search feature), Advanced Virtual Tours, Digital Online Magazine (with integrated interviews, live chat, real time customer feedback, property reviews, flip page effect).
VM Multimedia Agency
Visible Motion Art Piece
Visible Motin Project Report
Unviersity Athletics Banquet Presentation Video
//: Banquet Presentation, Multimedia (Binghamton University Athletics)
//: Promotional Movie Celebrating 10-yr Anniversary
Notes: Full featured movie celebrating university athletics success on and off the field. Develop and produce highlight videos 6 years in a row. Strong branding message featured throughout the presentation.
Visible Motion Studios
Visible Motion Portfolio Image
Project Description
Audio Player Innovative Design with Features
//: Audio Visual Architecture (Media Player)
//: Multimedia, Web, Mobile
Idea: Interpret audio experience with graphical elements and structured responsive environment. Produce innovative mobile platform for more complete user experience.
Visible Motion Studios
Visible Motion Portfolio Image
Project Description
Real Estate E-Tablet
//: Real Estate E-Tablet
//: Cross Platform Compatibility
Side Note: Develop sophisticated visual presentation. Reinvent brand. Enhance user experience. Design cutting edge graphics. Implement new "search technique".
Visible Motion Studios
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