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Humble Beginnings

It all began in the valley of Umbria, on a sunny and reasonably dry April day in 1413. The Auxilia proclaimed its sovereignty under Di Don Pascuale Medicile where Maximus had stayed; first canvas was painted and local peasants celebrated with vine, prosciutto and goat cheese (chevre).

Some six centuries later our Legatus Dux began sculpting what has become the artistic score we humbly present to you today.

We can proudly say - Maximus is here.


We craft and produce cutting edge, unique and business fitting art & style for all media, including web, print, tv and multimedia. Our innovative and sophisticated success-driven solutions are carefully planned and detail oriented.

Our "village or visionary artists and artisans" includes high level talents extraordinaire in the disciplines of architecture, web, social media, viral campaigns, print, TV, multimedia, 3D, animation, programming, search engine optimization, marketing and branding.

Our clients inspire us daily.

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